Proven Ways to Train Your Millennial Workforce Effectively

5 Proven Ways to Train Your Millennial Workforce Effectively

by Pooja Mishra
on August 22, 2016

Millennials make up almost half of working population and their number is set to rise further. With a steady increase in their share and simultaneous decline of baby boomers (owing to early retirement), the workplace climate is changing significantly. With this change in workplace climate a ‘loyalty challenge’ exists among employees and employers seek ways to deal with it.

Here are some interesting facts about Millennials

  • They are quick to try new technology and more likely to adopt it than Gen X.
  • They value knowledge over a degree.
  • A study on work-life challenges by Ernst & Young, reveals that by 2025 almost 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials.
  • The Employment Policy Foundation states  that it requires $15000 on an average to replace a millennial employee.
  • Payscale study on ‘Gen Y on the Job’ highlights that at least 63% hold a bachelor’s degree millennials and are the most educated generation in American history.

How can this affect your Learning and Development initiatives?

The tech-savvy millennial workforce desire flexibility and on-demand learning. most of the companies have an outdated training content and methods that don’t appeal them. Hence, a transition to the tech-based learning or e-learning is desired which can meet the learning requirements of your millennial  workforce.

Here are few ways to help you create one

Make learning flexible

Millennials prefer flexibility and freedom to choose how they work and learn. As a generation which has seen technological innovations since childhood, they are aware of its capabilities and look forward to personalized learning experiences. Hence, a responsive online course which allows anywhere, anytime access can aptly serve the purpose.

Bite-sized is right sized

Trying to present long paragraphs to millennials who see most of the details in less than 140 characters is an ineffective way to design courseware. Package bite-sized contents so that millennials can read between demanding schedules, while on the way to work or during lunch break. Something that they least prefer is a lengthy training schedule that requires clearing their routine tasks to make room for it.

Provide continuous training

Millennials are goal oriented, they need a goal to work towards. Ongoing training offers them attainable milestones and offers growth within the role. These skills benefit the organization and millennials as well. Apart from online training, mentoring and coaching also plays a crucial role in attracting millennials and retaining them. Thus, plan to provide an ongoing online training support which helps them grow.

Add Gamification

The Millennials, aka Gen Y, has grown up playing computer and video games. Take this and design to incorporate games in your online training. Motivate trainees with praise, prizes, money and grades. Take feedback regularly and allow employees to share results on a social media platform to engage them. These techniques stimulate employee interest, nurture team spirit and deliver lessons effectively.  

Use Videos

The increasing presence of videos across social media channels will tell you how important videos are today. A recent research by Hubspot concluded that videos remain a preferred mode of learning for millennials and acts as an effective learning tool. All these define user preferences while using mobile devices and can help plan for e-learning platform. Integrate videos in your modules and deliver a lessons in an adaptive manner.

Bottom line

Creating an online training course suitable to the learning style of employees has always been important for organizations. These tips help in offering an adaptable online training course. Addressing these needs will help shape workforce careers and simultaneously make your business run better, faster in changing landscape.

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