Why Big LMSs Fail (3 Prospects’ Stories)

by The Content Team
on September 05, 2017

Have you ever wondered — Why Big LMS Fail?

Of course, you have. You’re an entrepreneur and you’re probably hunting for an LMS to build a successful business, aren’t you?

You must have spent several days searching for the best fit. Now, you are ready with a checklist of features that you need in your elearning tool!

However, suddenly you realize that it’s not enough to just rely on the features that an LMS commits to offer. One small mistake can cost you a lot of money and hassle in the long-run.

You need to analyze it from experience.

How compelling it will be if someone holds you when you are sinking — saves you, takes you to a doctor.

Sensing the same, I am here with the stories of prospects revealing their LMS failures:

Not the best fit!

Last month I came across a prospect (Continuing education provider) who has been working hard to provide a path to professional development. Along with the help of a well acclaimed Learning Management System (LMS), he made it his mission to ensure that learning goes on without a hitch.

He thought that the LMS he’s buying will make learning a seamless experience for the students. He did not realize that the tool he’s buying, just looks like everything is right there together. The tool was remarkably beneficial for the trainers, but did not match his instructional culture because it was not a student-centric platform.

The prospect used to provide a paid login to his users. However, he was not getting conversions, so he moved towards a freemium model. Then started providing free access to the tests on the website. Once the user on the platform exhausted his/her free subscription, the prospect wanted to pitch the user for the premium version. To get notified about the freemium subscription exhaustion, he wanted to integrate the current LMS with the isolated CRM. But, the LMS did not support integration with CRM the prospect was using.

Too complicated!

A couple weeks ago when I went to the marketing event, I met a prospect from healthcare industry. They identified that the demand for LMS was growing at a steady pace. Decided to get an LMS to train nurses & doctors, in addition to their current offering of traditional training. There was no clear vision; how LMS will help them, what needs it will fulfill, but unreasonable expectations from the LMS. They bought one, just for the sake of owning one.

Started using LMS, but did not move much of their training over to the platform. The LMS tool was the best fit according to their understanding. In the initial stage, they had only a few number of users, but soon, every three to four weeks, a new batch of students started joining. When their users started scaling, the LMS disappointed them. The interface became complex due to increased data. It became difficult for the admin and the trainers to access the tool efficiently.

Reporting was also not at all helpful. Prospect’s company had to manage both the tool and their traditional training model for reporting. With the increase in their users, they realized that the tool was not the best fit.

It sucks!

I remember a prospect who used an LMS to provide employee training. His company provides training to every single department. To significantly reduce the resources and their time involved in managing training, he decided to take a tool which will serve the purpose well and at the same time, be less expensive.

Found a tool and committed budget.

At that time, didn’t understand the maintenance fees and the licensing fees involved with using the LMS. With time, he also identified some technical errors. In the beginning, these issues were not affecting training sessions much but soon became a pain. The prospect asked for support, but the complaints were not taken care off.

The LMS stored the employees’ information over the cloud. Sometime later, the prospect’s company changed their policies. The company became more concerned about their employees’ security and privacy. So, they wanted to move their employees’ data on the premise. The LMS enabled them to export the data but had no feature to access it further.

If you have suffered through any of the above mentioned issues with your Learning Management System, you should read –Tips to Prevent LMS Failure.

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