Does LMS licensing model affect security?

by The Content Team
on January 17, 2018

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With my years of experience in selling LMS, I found that most of the customers don’t talk about employees’ data security associated with different licensing models. Not because they are not concerned but because they are not aware.

An LMS could have both software (one-time purchase) as well as subscription (pay for what you use) model license. Your LMS selection will make sense if you discuss your preferred license model based on your security needs.

Are you also not aware of the security associated with the software model?

Buying a software model license would be entirely secure for employee training. This model is self-hosted and can be on-premise or over the cloud. To maintain privacy and security of your data, on-premise installation model works best. Your employees’ data is completely protected because it’s on your server. You are not sending the data over cloud. Moreover, even if you need hosting, your data is secure.

Still, how is the data secure?

You need not worry about the security breach when you go for the software model. For both upgrades and maintenance, the service provider would work on your server, not on theirs. Your employees’ data is in its place, and there’s no scope for vulnerabilities.

That’s great but what about the subscription model? Isn’t it secure?

Mature vendors tend to stay away from it. Not because it isn’t good but because they don’t get more profit from it. Regardless, let’s talk about the security first!

Subscription model was considered to be insecure because all its data is over the cloud. The adoption rate for this model was also low because companies have some security policies. They don’t allow to keep their data over the cloud. However, now this model is even considered to be secure.

Why is it considered to be secure?

When you go for a subscription model, most of your employees’ data is over the cloud. Corrupted hard drives or erased PC documents could not harm your data over there. Also, data exchange over subscription-based LMS is securely encrypted and cannot be lost or stolen.

It’s right subscription model has a high risk of losing data. Though, to avoid risks, data centers are well equipped with high-density redundant power systems along with multiple fuel suppliers ensuring continuous operations. Apart from this, to manage privacy and security issues, physical access to data is also restricted and monitored 24*7.

To come up with the perfect LMS that saves and makes money, confirm all the above security measures with the vendor along with identifying your audiences, and the usage scenarios. If you’re seeking a cost-effective LMS solution for employee training, subscription model may be the best option.

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