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Logical-Mathematical Intelligence – III

by The Content Team
on May 18, 2021

In this post, I will be elaborating the Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, one the most sought after intelligence in the current education environment. I will be using examples of projects that the Examination Online team is working on or has worked with companies in developing customized technology solutions to help educators target this intelligence. 

In my earlier post, I elaborated on Howard Gardner’s theory of “Multiple Intelligences” to highlight that “education can only happen as per the wishes of the person who wants to learn”. I also shared my thoughts on the Linguistic Intelligence, one of the eight intelligences from the theory.

So what is Logical-Mathematical Intelligence? This refers to a person’s ability to analyze situations or problems logically, carry out mathematical operations, make observations, and identify solutions. 

The human mind is always looking for patterns and relationships. In order to focus on developing this intelligence at an early age, many companies have developed and are developing innovative learning products. As babies, several sorting and pattern recognition toys/apps aim to achieve problem solving skills. As kids, we use several products and apps that aim to enhance our critical thinking skills. Even as adults, we do specialised training and carry out assessments to master a topic or crack an exam. Given a lot of jobs across several industries focus on these skills, Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is the most sought after intelligence in the education system.

We at Examination Online also have significant experience in building custom technology solutions focusing on improving Logical-Mathematical Intelligence of our client’s target audience. 

We have worked with leading test preparation companies/start-ups that aims to enhance Logical-Mathematical Intelligence of its users. We worked with mySATadvisor to build a unique comprehensive online practice and analytics testing platform to help students perform better and score higher on the SAT exam. We developed advanced reporting tools to identify patterns and areas of improvement for students across various topics while preparing for the SAT exam. 

EOL Collaborated with mySATadvisor

We developed an online learning and questions platform with Knowmedge for medical professionals. We developed several unique features such as Flash Cards for visual learning, Mnemonics for better memory retention, study planning, reminders and detailed graphical reports for analyzing and interpretation.

Anand Damani
CEO, Examination Online

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