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Musical and Naturalist Intelligences – VI

by The Content Team
on June 08, 2021

Continuing with my thoughts on the theory of “Multiple Intelligences” by Howard Gardner, I will be elaborating on the last two remaining types of intelligences in this post – Musical and Naturalist

What is Musical Intelligence?

Music plays an important part of everyone’s life as it touches us on an emotional level and also influences our mood. Musical Intelligence can be deconstructed into three areas – technical aspects of music, emotional power of music, and music as a constructor of logic. People with strong Musical Intelligence are good at thinking in patterns, rhythms and sounds. 

In our current education system, academic subjects take 80% of the school day and creative subjects only 20%. But numerous studies highlight that Musical Intelligence is closely related to Linguistic Intelligence, and hence music needs to be an equally important element at school (and also at home). By allowing students to connect music to a lesson or playing a relaxing tune in the classroom, teachers will be able to enhance their Musical Intelligence and help students excel in patterns and rhythms.

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What is Naturalist Intelligence? 

This refers to a person’s ability to identify, classify and influence elements of the environment, objects, animals or plants. People with strong Naturalist Intelligence have deep interest in nature and are often interested in nurturing, exploring the environment, and learning about other species.

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