Simplifying Continuing Education With Online Training

by The Content Team
on July 18, 2017

One of our clients Pinnacle Training & Consulting Systems (PTCS) provides continuing education to personal trainers. When PTCS owner approached us, his program was already offering home study courses, live seminars, videos, webinars, articles with a certification at the end of the course.

He also had a tool to conduct tests before issuing certificates but was hit by limitations on different levels. This was not because the software did not contain the features he wanted rather it was because his students aren’t comfortable with tech and the tool itself wasn’t intuitive. Engagement on the software went down, and so did the revenue of the client. Ultimately, the testing software did not prove to be the best fit for him and his students.

To overcome this drawback in his program, he started looking for an alternative tool that could suit his students. Apparently, he found us and contacted us through our website — The intuitiveness of Examination Online impressed him, and we did a test run with few of the students to gauge the difference.

The principal goal of our client was to conduct exams online for which he needed a responsive, and intuitive platform that would work within the same framework. A tool that’s easy to navigate, and would encourage his students to take tests online, irrespective of their technical proficiencies.


When the client approached us, he was not equipped with any idea about the tool but was ready with the database of questions to create tests. He asked us to use his data to create an online testing engine to take tests, and after completion provide certificates to the students. He also wanted his test platform to be intuitive.

The client had fixed requirements. He asked us to create five different tests and one final test that would be based on the questions given in 5 tests. Admin will assign the test to the students manually. Students will be allowed to attempt tests only once. In case any student fails, admin shall assign the same test to the student for another attempt. We understood his requirements and agreed upon developing a customized software for his business use.

PTCS assessment software has two modules — Admin (Examiner) and End User (Student).

Examiners have all the rights that an admin possesses. They can –

  • View tests: Examiner can view all the 20 existing tests through admin login. Admin can view all the existing tests for every single unit.
  • View question categories: Admin can view all the existing categories in which questions have been segmented.
  • View and edit questions: Examiner can view all the existing questions, related to each category and test. Examiner can not only view them but also edit them if required. Edits are helpful if any correction or any update is required to be made.
  • Invite students to take/retake tests online: The admin can send test invites to students online for the first attempt as well as for retake.
  • View students’ reports: The admin can view students’ test reports, all at one place without any hassle. These reports can be test-wise, and even student-wise. In test-wise reports, the examiner can see who all attempted a particular test, passed, failed, etc. Student wise report gives complete information about the specific student — tests attempted, passed, failed and respective scores in different tests.
  • Provide certificates: After completion of the test, the examiner can provide certificates to all those students who passed.

Students can access the test after they receive, and accept the invite from the examiner. Students can –

  • Sign up/Login: After the examiner sends invite, students can sign up and login to their accounts.
  • Appear for tests online: Students can appear for tests online by clicking on the test invite.
  • View test report online: After completing the test, students can see their test results. Students get a detailed analysis of their performance.

Examination Online created an exam software for PTCS that would not only simplify our client’s testing process but also help him administer students and save cost. Additionally, we created a complete work-flow of the product to help our client (who is not tech savvy) understand the working of the product and navigate through it easily.

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