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Spatial and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligences and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligences Part – IV

by The Content Team
on May 28, 2021
Spacial and Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligences

Continuing on the theory of “Multiple Intelligences” by Howard Gardner, I will be elaborating on the next two in the list of multiple intelligences in this post – Spatial and Bodily-Kinesthetic. I will be using the examples of current as well as past projects of the Examination Online team, where we have developed customized technology solutions to help educators target these intelligences. 

  1. What is Spatial Intelligence?

This refers to a person’s ability to visualize things including the potential to recognize large-scale patterns (those used by navigators and pilots for example) as well as the patterns of confined areas (those used by architects, sculptors, surgeons and chess players for example). People who are strong in Spatial Intelligence are good at putting puzzles together, interpreting pictures/graphs, enjoying drawing/painting and recognizing patterns easily. 

One of the projects that the Examination Online team is working on currently with Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology (CBNC) is about assessing Spatial Intelligence. The objective of the project is to present medical professionals several case studies of patients with diagnostic reports and images/videos (X-ray, MRI, etc). Based on these inputs, medical professionals then select several observations from pre-populated medical conditions. These answers are then compared against medical committee answers with rationale. The team is currently working on this project developing several advanced reports for each case for further analytics and features such as dynamic popularity scores of professionals selecting each medical condition vs committee answers.

  2. What is Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence?

Human body is the most evolved species on the whole planet with the most complicated neural systems working in order as a single unit.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligences

Body-Kinesthetic intelligence refers to a person’s potential of using the whole body or parts of the body to perform skills or solve problems. People who are strong in this intelligence are good at body movement, performing actions, and physical control. These people are skilled at dancing and sports, have good physical coordination and enjoy creating things with their body parts. 

At Examination Online, we collaborated with Educational Fitness Solutions (EFS) in creating a learning management system in the field of fitness, health and nutrition. We designed and developed a mobile responsive online training platform using Learndash. The platform provides health training continuing education courses to the health care and fitness professionals. 

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Anand Damani
CEO, Examination Online

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