Custom vs Off-the-shelf elearning solution: Which is right for you?

Custom vs Off-the-shelf elearning solution

Learning Management Solutions (LMS) remain a considerable option for Training Managers across organizations to deliver an effective training program. With surge in demand for LMS, there exist a dilemma whether to buy an off-the-shelf solution or choose custom elearning solution that could meet learning objectives. While on one hand, a custom elearning solution can fit […]

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Here’s Why You Should Use Competency Management for Manufacturing Units

Training & retaining employees are crucial in maintaining quality, efficiency and safety in a manufacturing unit whether you own a small workshop or a huge factory. Ensuring a training and retention plan for staff in place along with adherence to regulatory compliances is a prerequisite. But, manufacturing industry offers a challenging environment. Each unit faces […]

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Top 6 Reasons Why Every Hotel Must Implement LMS

Reasons Why Every Hotel Must Implement LMS

Training employees in the hotel industry have always been significant. From assisting guests with language barriers to being sensitive to cultural differences, training impacts employee performance significantly. But training managers face a problem – How to train employees constantly when schedule changes or interfere with working hours? There exists a need for a training solution […]

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