Top 5 Differences Between Adobe Captivate Prime & Saba

by The Content Team
on May 02, 2018

Adobe Captivate Prime and Saba, both are potent LMSs. Features like excellent UI and integration capabilities make both the LMSs highly viable. But there are some key differences that might give one an edge over the other.

If you are looking for the right LMS solution for your organization amongst the two, here’s a quick comparison that will help you decide!

The user interface

UI of an LMS must be smooth and easy-to-use.

Captivate Prime helps users save time with a clean looking interface and reasonably simple navigation. It offers modern UI built on single web page architecture which gives you access to complete LMS without navigating multiple pages. The intuitive design enhances the user experience by displaying only role-based and context-sensitive information.

On the other hand, Saba is designed on the foundation of traditional principles. In an effort to keep the experience user-centric, Saba offers configurable UI that lets users personalize. An improved UI makes the navigation seamless and effortless.

2. Integration Capabilities

Integrating your current application systems with your LMS is a hassle.

Adobe Captivate Prime provides a set of APIs to integrate enterprise applications that enhance your organization’s performance and efficiency. Plug and play ‘Content-LMS integration’ gets your training content out to your learners with minimum efforts. ‘Integration with third-party’ content providers allows learners to enrol and take courses from providers such as Lynda, Harvard Mentor, and Get Abstract.

Saba provides integration of a full set of REST Web Services APIs, standard import and export templates, enterprise applications, cloud-based services, and content providers. Saba’s integration with Adobe makes onboarding and form management fast, simple, and paperless for HR organizations. This integration provides flexibility in virtual classrooms.

3. Gamification

Gamification in eLearning keeps your learner motivated. It is a necessary attribute for any modern LMS.

Adobe Captivate Prime gamifies its entire learning plan to keep the user entertained. The learner gets points for being the first to complete a course. These points can be used towards self-enrollment. Learners also earn badges on completion of milestones, which they can share on their social networks. The goal is to create a competitive environment and encourage learners to work harder to win the unique badges.

With Saba Cloud, Saba also has enhanced its gamification features. It brings fun, and friendly competition to learning that captures the interest of their learners in performing better. It drives engagement among individuals and teams which in turn maximizes their learning efficiency.

4. Personalization and customization

Customization is no longer optional and focuses on learner-specific needs.

Adobe Captivate Prime enables its users to create customized and personalized experiences across multiple devices. You can build custom LMS for your brand. Learners can develop personal learning paths with minimal effort. You can deliver your training in various forms and learners can receive it in the language & style they prefer. For personalized learning environment, users can customize their view using drag and drop widgets.

Saba offers a number of customization features that enables its users to personalize the solution to meet their needs efficiently. It empowers organizations to personalize learners experiences with user-centric, agile, and self-directed learning. Learners have access to a personalized dashboard that’s simple. It makes it easy for your learners to have access to all the activities and keep track of their work. This helps drive higher end-user engagement and adoption.

5. Reporting & Feedback

Measure the progress and performance of the learners as well as the effectiveness of your training.

Captivate Prime provides actionable insights about your learning initiatives with robust reporting. You can create various reports to track, monitor, and control learners’ activities. It offers four types of reports including completion, time spent, skill, and effectiveness. You can view not only learners’ report but also team-based stats about how they are doing on their learning objectives. You can also generate 350+ custom report using drop-down option.

Captivate Prime provides 2 types of feedback option to its users:

1. Feedback given by learners after course completion

2. Qualitative feedback given by instructors to the learners based on their performance.

Reporting in Saba is robust, easy and usable. It offers both pre-built and customizable reports. You can define the latter using new logic. It also has advanced reporting capabilities for creating test, surveys, and tracking initiatives. You can automate these reports to run at a specific interval so that you have an early reminder of new trends and issues. It also offers social reporting options to track activities including contributions, comments, likes, and ratings.

Saba provides meaningful and more productive feedback to support employee performance and development. It also notifies its users when feedback has been received. Employees can request and share feedback. Using feedback reporting, you can see who’s sharing & receiving feedback and identify if anyone needs recognition.

Adobe Captivate Prime and Saba both offer a broad range of services. You can book a free live demo to check which LMS suits your needs. It’s wise to test out LMS features, user interface, and support services before buying. A demo will also help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

If you are not sure whether the LMS aligns with your learning objectives or not, get one exclusively customized. For more details, contact us at

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